Custom Made Self-Bows and Arrows 
Over 20 years of making bows
Made from: Osage, Mulberry, Ash, Yew,  and other woods 

Historical Educational Demonstrations also

For orders contact:
Bowyer Bill Darr
For ordering  it is best to call us at above number so we can talk to you individually, so we can match equipment to your
individual needs.

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 Here are the dates for what we are up too in 2015.........

Spirt Of The Buffalo Pow Wow
International Market World Auburndale, Florida January 9th-11th and 16th-18th
Archery show and Our Shop

The Florida Renaissance Faire
Deerfield Beach Florida  Feb 7th-March 15th Our Shop and Archery show

New Jersey Renaissance Faire
Liberty Lake New Jersey  May 23-June 7th Our shop and Archery show

Sterling New York Renaissance Faire 
July 4th - August 16th 2015

Workshops For September And October

September 5th + 6th  English Longbow
September 12th + 13th  Flatbow
September 19th + 20th English Longbow
September 26th + 27th English Longbow

October 3rd + 4th Arrow Smithing and Fletching
October 10th + 11th English Longbow
October 17th + 18th English Longbow
October 24th + 25th English Longbow

All workshops are $250.00. Its  $50.00 deposit subtracted from shop price to
hold your spot. Call for discriptions or special arrangements for the workshops.
954 254 6067

Questions call above number or email me at: yndyousee@hotmail.com
Thanks for checking us out . We will have more up very soon. -Yeoman Darr